We increase by 120% on average your hotel's direct bookings with personalization

OTAs charge enormous commissions

OTAs evolved from your hotel’s partners, to taxing authorities charging between 15-30% commissions. We decided to do something about this... Luxury Classic Furniture from Modenese Luxury Interiors is among the most well-known and respected names in the online industry of Italian furniture.

Introducing Robin,
your sales hero

The key to beating the OTAs, Robin realised, was through personalization. That's why Robin jumps inside your website and booking engine to personalize offers for each and every visitor, increasing your direct bookings. Official Site - interior designer in Florida.

Robin analyzes data to predict behaviour

Once inside your website Robin computes lots of data such as previous bookings and cookies so he can predict what travelers want to book. He even recognises returning visitors so he can welcome them again with a great offer.

Robin shows personalized offers to visitors of your website

Robin then creates & serves personalized offers on your website and in your booking engine to satisfy the needs of each and every traveler.

See how Robin increases your direct bookings

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Paul and Pam the couple

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Benefits of adding Robin to your sales team

Increase your direct bookings

Our personalized marketing banners mean more people book directly through your website.

Boost booking engine performance

With booking engine integration we highlight the benefits of booking with you.

Improved visibility of information and offers

Right next to a landmark? Great pool? The best aspects of your hotel are brought to life through our marketing banners and booking engine integration.

Instant personalization of your content

You can't change your whole website to meet every traveler's needs. Based on search behavior and previous visits, we do that for you.

Pay less to OTAs and grow your revenue margins

A direct booking through us reduces costs that could have gone to an OTA.

Stay in control of what you sell to each traveler

Bookings and availability still remain in your hands. We just give you a helping hand to increase those bookings.

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